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Members of the International Pharmaceutical Privacy Consortium (IPPC) are actively addressing data privacy and security issues around the world, assessing and minimizing risks, and creating practical standards for industry performance. Fast-paced advances in information technology have precipitated the consideration of new standards for the protection of personal information. The changing regulatory environment presents challenges to multi-national pharmaceutical and biotech companies that need to keep abreast of developments and understand their impact worldwide. A company's ability to respond quickly and effectively is essential not only for legal compliance, but also in order to sustain customer trust.

The Goals of the IPPC are to:

  • Consider best practices for pharma companies to protect personal information;
  • Develop proposed solutions and tools for managing and keeping secure personal information in the US, Europe, and other countries worldwide;
  • Provide a forum for industry dialogue and consensus-building on privacy issues of common concern; and
  • Engage government and stakeholders in the clinical research and healthcare communities in a constructive dialogue on significant issues of data privacy.

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